responding to
the world
through design

Thinking Fungally


I gravitate towards design research, creating invigorating experiences, crafting, and exercising curiosity within the world.

I am studying Interaction Design at the University of Washington and am expected to graduate in 2021. I also received an Associates Degree in Visual Communications from Highline College in 2018.

My academic work has pivoted around collaborative experiences, speculative design, and research in both humanities and IoT data within homes.

I have always loved traveling for adventure's sake and while I currently live in Seattle, WA, I have also lived in San Francisco and Oakland (CA), Portland (OR), Austin (TX), and Bloomington (IN). I love skateboarding, my two cats, gardening, and keeping my hands and mind busy.


just finished_ Staying With the Trouble by Donna Haraway
currently reading_ Critical Fabulations by Daniela Rosner
up next_ Discursive Design by Bruce M. Tharp, Stephanie M. Tharp