Product Design Intern @ Hulu

SUMMER 2020 — Remote internship

Worked with two feature teams to design and prototype concepts for Mobile and Living Room + TV devices. Utilized Hulu’s design system library, communicated ideas to stakeholders, and delivered specifications to developers. Balanced creative exploration with product requirements and business needs.


— 8 weeks
— 2 Teams (Watch and Discover)
— 2 Deliverables
— 1 Hackathon
— 1 Side Project


Due to NDA restrictions, I can not share specific details about my projects at Hulu... However! At UW, there is a tradition in the design department for students to share internship experiences with their peers. This year, due to remote life, we shared our presentations over live stream.

The goal of this presentation is to provide helpful advice for Sophomore and Junior students who are in the process of finding internships. Below is my presentation where I outline my journey to Hulu, what my internship was like, and my suggestions for people who may be in the same boat that I was.
The collection of presentations can be found here.